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Welcome to Nishant Mehra Classes

Nishant Mehra classes provide Online Course for Indian Economic Services , IAS Economics Optional, and UGC NET Economics

In all the three courses, our objective is to provide an understanding of the topic, cover the kind of questions asked in previous years and to test, how students are able to apply these concepts in the test settings

We have provided several demo videos, of Intermediate Micro I and II, Econometrics and International Trade. We are in the process of making more such basic videos. You may watch this space for the same.

Results of Indian Economic Services 2021 from Nishant Mehra classes

Rank 6 Unninarayanan Kurup
Rank 12 Ansuman Sharma

Results of Indian Economic Services 2022 from Nishant Mehra classes

Rank 7 Kaustubh Rajput
Rank 15 Pragya Pratishtha

New Batches 

Indian Economic Services, Live Online Classes, 3rd July 2023, 8:30 PM

IAS Economics Optional, Live Online Classes, 4th July 2023, 8:30 PM

RBI GRADE B , DEPR, Live Online Classes, 5th July 2023, 8:30 PM