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Week 1 : IAS Economics Optional/Indian Economic Services (IES) : Theory of Consumer Demand


I have already recorded the first layer of recordings last year itself. Now to polish the course further, I have decided to add more videos on each of the topics again, pertaining to Indian Economic Services exam and IAS Economics Optional. I thought of preparing the notes of the entire course not as a teacher, but as a student. I cannot be a good teacher, if I am not a good student. So, I have prepared these notes, around the kind of questions which were asked in these exams, and then recorded it.

Sometime during Wednesday, 15th May 2018, I did my first recording. Consumer Surplus. Have decided to make recordings everyday and post it here. I have no compulsion to complete the course in a month or a two, I will take my time, but with the commitment of producing a video everyday [will not beat myself if not been able to do it everyday, but I will try :)] and posting on a blog every Sunday. I pray for the will power which is required in this endeavor.

I did four recordings this week. The following are the demos of these recordings. In the real course, you will get more content.

I urge all of you, who are preparing for this exam, to do previous years papers. I am not saying that you will be getting the same question, but you may get a similar question. And while preparing for these exams, writing practice is must. So keep on making notes.

Happy Studying