New Online Batch : Live Classes : Indian Economic Services 2021 from 8th November 2020

We are starting Indian Economic Services live online classes from 8th November 2020.

  • Day/s of classes : Monday to Friday
  • Timings : 10 AM tentatively
  • Number of Classes per week : Five classes 
  • Number of Hours per week : 5-6 Hours
  • Online Platform : Yes
  • Will I be given Recordings ? You will be given an online platform on which all recordings are uploaded.
  • What if I miss any online class ? You are given recordings daily, so you need not worry about it.
  • I cannot attend live classes, as I have college/ work etc? You are given recordings, and after going through recordings at your own pace, you can ask doubts on the platform
  • What all you will cover in the course ? Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Will it be strictly according to the syllabus? Yes, that is why, we have live classes. They (live classes) help in streamlining the course as we go on.
  • Will you cover every topic in the live class? Mostly yes. Sometimes we will also be giving you recordings to be done before or after the class. They will also be uploaded in the same folder, where other current live classes are getting uploaded
  • Why live classes, you could have just given the recordings? Yes, we could have and we have been doing that, but interaction with students helps, not only to students but it helps us (teachers) also. It helps in making the course, resembling one to one to the syllabus.
  • How will you clear doubts? You have our numbers, you can message us or you may mail us. There is forum on the platform too, which you can use. Also, while the class is going on, you may ask your doubts there too.
  • What is the medium (language) of instruction ? English
  • In how many months you will cover the syllabus? At least, four months, but it can slip over to more months too. The exam is generally in June, so we have enough time to prepare
  • Will I be getting the entire course on the day we enroll ? Yes, the course is already recorded. And with this year’s (almost) daily live class, it will be updated even better
  • Do I have to compulsorily come to the live class? It depends on you. It helps in bringing discipline and regularity, but there are many students who always want to do things at their own pace, for them recordings are always there.
  • What if I join in the middle of the course? There is nothing like joining in the middle of the course in online course. You are getting entire course at once, plus, you will be getting the set of live class recordings, already held, properly arranged on a platform. You may do them, and ask doubts, if any.
  • For many how many days, will I be getting a platform? 365 days from the date of enrolment.
  • I am currently enrolled, and have already done the old course, should I also attend the live class? There is no harm, at least for an hour everyday. If there is anything new, you may add to your notes and if not, then it will be revision for you.
  • I want to see a demo, do you provide any? There are many demo videos provided, please have a look at them. We will also be providing an index of classes we are taking, so that you will know the current status at which live classes are going on. For demo videos , please click here
  • Is the course already recorded? Yes, and it will be updated with these live classes
  • I am preparing for IAS Economics Optional, so should I attend live classes? The course for Indian Economic Services is a superset, it includes almost all topics, which are asked in IAS Economics Optional and includes few more topics. There is a nomenclature difference between the two. There are few topics like Economic History, asked primarily in IAS Economics Optional but not in IES, its (Economic History) will be separately provided. But right now, the course which will be followed strictly is IES, and later, we will also bring up the cycle for (word-for-word) IAS Economics syllabus. You may check the syllabus of two papers yourself and then decide
  • Is this course useful for UGC NET Economics? Well, yes and no both. It depends how you look at it. Micro, Macro, Development Eco, International Eco, and all other subjects will remain same, whether you prepare for IES/ IAS Economics Optional or UGC Net. But the questions which will be discussed here will be descriptive and not MCQs, as are asked in UGC Net Economics. The topics will remain same, but the pattern of the questions are different, so you decide. In these live classes / recordings, no MCQs will be discussed, but we are sure you may answer them, having gone through the course. But, again, you may wait, till we come up with UGC Net Economics course explicitly.
  • What is the fees of this online course?  Rs 30,000
  • How to Register for this course ? Pls click here and fill up the required information
  • I have more queries regarding this course ? Please call at 9999886629 and clear your queries

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