I am Nishant Mehra, a graduate from Delhi School of Economics, 2007 batch. After a brief period of corporate life, I opened up my own academy, ECOPOINT for MA Economics Entrance, which is still successfully running. This site, nishantmehra.com,  is dedicated to help students preparing for IAS Economics, Indian Economic Services and UGC-Net Economics. I am currently offering these courses through an online mode only.

I have completed my LLB course from Faculty of Law, DU in May 2016. It was a fun learning law and understanding how economics and law cut cross each other at so many places. It is my vision to come up with the courses relating to law as well in the near future.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Thanks for coming up with such an initiative to help students. I am sure we all will benefit by your courses. I have been your student in the past and your classes made me clear Delhi School of Economics easily. With this course I am sure we all will crack the IES exams with your help

  2. mini rai says:

    Dear sir
    is it necessary to have mathematics in the bachelor or in master to clear IES ?

    • nishant says:

      No, it is not necessary. But it helps. If you dont know Maths, then you can learn it, its not that difficult. The reason being, most of the good books are written in mathematical language and for you to have an edge over others, its good to learn it. You can start using Sydsaeter and Hammond, thats a good book.

  3. hareesh says:

    Dear nishant sir,very good blog,pls help me out about good books for IES

    • nishant says:

      Hi Hareesh,


      For books, I will be creating a proper blog post. Meanwhile, my suggestion is to pick ‘standard’ books for eah topic

      1. Micro : a) Varian
      b) Nicholson and Snyder
      2. Macro : a) Blanchard
      b) Dornbusch and Fisher
      3. Maths : Hammond and Sydsaeter
      4. Econometrics : Gujarati
      5. Money and Banking :
      a) Mishkin and Eakins
      b) Baye and Jensen
      c) MY Khan
      6. Growth and Development : a) Debraj Ray
      b) Articles from different journals
      7. Public Economics : a) Hindricks and Myles
      b) Readings from articles
      8. Environmental Economics : Colstad
      9. Indian Economics : a) Oxford Companion to Indian Economics, Kaushik Basu (ed)
      b) Articles from EPW

      1. Please use standard books, while writing answers.
      2. Write all answers from 2009-2016 for all four papers
      3. My suggestion is to keep on looking on this website, for the sources where I am recording these lectures. Before every lecture, I tell the reference to be used.

      All the best


  4. Neha says:

    I have done mcom …economic admin. And financial mgmt (economic admin group). Can I apply for Indian economic service exam.plz guide..

    • nishant says:

      Neha, you have to call up UPSC and ask directly. For any administrative issue or admission eligibility, I am not the right person to tell you that.

  5. Ankur Kumar says:

    sir please tell me that are distance economics pg (ignou) eligible for ies….i am a graduate in economics from HRC but due to some responsibilities i was unable to pursue m.a from dse even when i cleared entrance. i am doing m.a from ignou… ryt now i am in final year.

  6. Hey Nishat, thank you for creating this online platform exclusively for free. It really means a lot especially for an aspiring economist like me. I have been doing my master’s degree in economics and I’ve already made use of some of your lectures. You must have toiled with sweat and blood, I really respect what you’ve been doing.

  7. samecon says:

    Hi Nishant sir….this side Sameer nd m also completed my masters from dse nd now m also give coaching for Maeco entrance in gtb Nagar….nd I m a big big fan of ur hard work nd efforts. And I want to do ies.so plz suggest me . I am very comfortable with economics but not in general economics…..so Plz guide me

  8. ssunderam says:

    Will it be sufficient to read this much for upsc optional ??

  9. kriti jain says:

    Hey nishant.
    Thanks for the platform.
    Can I have your email id, since mine is going to be a lengthy doubt?
    I really need some sort of guidance right now on a one -on- one basis.


  10. vikash says:

    Hello sir I m Vikash Rana ,I m pursuing PG in economics ( 1st semester) , i m preparing for IES so sir please guide me for that…. how I prepare.

  11. Pravin says:

    hello nishant sir, can please provide good book lists for UPSC CSE economics optional, and also i wanted to know the course you have made are from which books.

  12. shaikha says:

    your videos are very nice but I get only half about the topics in you tube videos

  13. Deepak says:

    Hello sir .. I am a student of economics. I want to get online coaching classes..how can we contact with you…please mention address of ur academy n mobile no.

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