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  • May 18, 2017
  • admin


Hello Guys, today I have completed (actually two weeks before, to be more precise) the online course for Indian Economic Services and IAS Economics Optional. I have been working on this since last one year.

Not a difficult course, but it is very very huge

On completing the course, what I have realized is, that, the course in itself is not difficult, it is humongous. What this course has done for you, is that, it has organised everything in one place, so that student does not have to waste his time in researching for the topics and secondly, everything is recorded and taught, so that, student can write his notes side by side.

How quickly the course can be completed?

Many times, I get a query, how quickly, I can complete the course? My answer to that is, you can complete it in 1.5-2 months, if you sit all day before your computer. But ask yourself, is that feasible, in my opinion, No. It is not about completing the course, it is about assimilating it too, understanding it in comprehensible bits and pieces and later joining them all together, so that it all makes sense. My take is to start the course early, make notes and revise them. But yes, if you are in hurry, then by all means, complete it in one-two months, if that is what the situation demands.

Entire syllabus is recorded, new videos will be added and old ones updated

I have added series of videos for Indian Economics Services Course and IAS Economics Optional Course, but these are not the only ones, I will be regularly adding more and deleting and updating the old ones. My view is to keep updating the course, according to the latest trends. Every year, there will be two cycles of course updation of about three-four months each, in which new videos will be added and old ones updated. But you don’t have to worry about these cycles, you will get the complete course, whenever you purchase it.

Previous Years Questions

Also, I will be adding videos from previous years papers too. They will not be presented as a separate recording but will be added within a relevant topic. Doing these previous years questions, will help students to gain more clarity on the given topic. My advise to all students is, neither just rely on previous years nor ignore them completely. These previous years give you a broad understanding of the trends, which you have to keep in mind, in all probability.

Test Series for Indian Economic Services (IES) and IAS Economics Optional

This year, I am starting with Test Series too. Many students have asked about them earlier, but I refused it last year, because I was myself busy in recording the course. Now, since I have completely recorded this course, I am in a position, to offer a test series for both Indian Economic Servies (IES) and IAS Economics Optional.

There will be 12 tests, whose schedule will be updated. You can do them at your own pace and return it back for correction, I will grade them and return it back with comments. Of course, test series is very helpful in keeping you on track.

Indian Economics

I have based the course heavily on Uma Kapila’s : “Indian Economy since Independence 1947-2016” (1014 pages) and several articles from Economic and Political Weekly. This is the mother book on Indian Economics, everyone, who wants to gather knowledge about Indian Economics, must read this book. Her editorial sections in the book are a must read. I find this book, little difficult, for a newbie, but even then, this is the book, which I recommend. All parts of syllabus are not covered in Uma Kapila, but it gives you a such a broad knowledge, that you can attempt almost any question. For those parts, which are not directly covered in this book, they should be done from EPW’s articles.

Also, I must say, no book is sufficient. You have to append this book with several articles. In the next cycle, I will take up several articles form Kaushik Basu’s edited Oxford Companion for Indian Economics.

Should you rely ‘only’ on my Notes?

If any one says, rely ‘only’ on my notes, run away from him at the fastest speed. UPSC does not owe anything to anyone, it makes questions on its own. These notes are helpful to complete the syllabus, but if you think, that the entire paper will come from these notes, you are mistaken. I will give you an example, I have taught you scenario A and B, but in the paper, they might ask, how A affects B? You have to have your own creativity, your own understanding to cut-across readings and write a beautiful answer. This comes from practice, nobody can help you cram this.

There will be many people in this industry, who will have a nerve to announce, that 100% paper from their notes, I don’t have that. I can only help you, what is humanly possible. I can cover the entire syllabus, teach you from the best possible books, tell you all references, help your doubts, correct your answer scripts and motivate you, when you feel de-motivated. That is all I can do.

Do you have to know Mathematics to do this course?

I wont say yes, but I would say, it will help. No good economics course can be taught without mathematics. I also have used it, although minimally, but wherever, it was definitely required, I have not hesitated from using it. And guys, it is not difficult, it is very simple Class XII Calculus, that too, you don’t have to do completely, but be willing to learn. Always in life, be willing to learn new things. You are going to be a future IES or an IAS officer, you have to learn new things everyday, this mathematics, is so small, compared to everyday challenges, you will have to face, that you can master it (mathematics) in no time. Dont worry, I will teach you some basic concepts, so that, you can understand any good economics book. It is simple, believe me. May be in the real paper, you may get a numerical to solve, dont forget UPSC 2013 and 2014 papers, when some simple numericals were asked. But the entire course is not mathematical !

Details about the course

You can see the demo for the course by clicking on some video links which are provided. Demo of all videos is not provided.

Indian Economic Services : Click here

IAS Economics Optional : Click Here

Test Series : Click Here

With my best wishes, I wish all of you, best of luck in all your future endeavors. For any other query, please contact me.



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