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When you have seen the demo videos and are willing to purchase this course, you can fill up this form. If you have an issue, you want to discuss before the purchase, please fill up the relevant box and submit it, someone from our office will call you. 

You will be getting a complete course on the first day itself. You will also be getting regular updates throughout the course. 

Please note that the course gets updated in every cycle; you will be invited for live classes and we will be adding more and updated content as we move on from one cycle to another.

Pricing of Courses

Rs. 35,000

Only IAS Economics Optional Course

Rs. 35,000


Rs. 35,000

Only Indian Economic Services Course

Rs. 45,000

Indian Economic Services + RBI GRADE B, DEPR

Only Test Series
(IAS or IES)

Rs. 10,000
( 12 Tests)

Those who are enrolled in online course

Rs. 12,000
(12 Tests)

Those who are not enrolled in the online course

Rs. 12,000
(12 Tests)



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    - Comprehensive Indian Economic Services Course ( Online Course + Test Series)
    - Comprehensive IAS Economics Optional Course (Online Course + Test Series)
    - Indian Economic Services Course + RBI GRADE B, DEPR
    - Only Online Course (Without Test Series)-Indian Economic Services
    - Only Online Course (Without Test Series)-IAS Economics Optional
    - UGC NET Economics Paper 2
    - Test Series - Indian Economic Services
    - Test Series - IAS Economics Optional
    - Test Series - RBI GRADE B, DEPR