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IES, IAS Economics Optional & UGC Net Economics Preparation

Online Courses: Indian Economic Services, IAS Economics Optional, UGC Net Economics


Currently, I am offering following courses in online mode

  • IAS – Economics optional
  • Indian Economic Services (IES)
  • Test Series for IAS Economics Optional
  • Test Series for IAS Economic Services
  • IAS Economics Optional – Syllabus
  • Indian Economic Services -Syllabus
  • UGC NET Economics – Syllabus
Most guys who prepare for IES, also sit for UPSC and if you are one of them, then my suggestion is pick up an IES course, your IAS course will get automatically prepared. If you are preparing only for IAS Economics, in my course, you may find some optional topics, which you may leave. However, my suggestion is, even if you are preparing for only IAS, then also have a look at the kind of questions asked in IES paper, since there is a complete match between the two courses.
The content of most of these courses will remain more or less same. What will differ is how you strategize to study for them? For example, Micro will remain same whether you are preparing for IAS Economics, Indian Economic services or UGC Net Economics, but the way you will prepare for UGC Net  Economics will be different from the other two, as there, you have to focus more on objective type questions while in the other two, subjective questions are asked. In UGC Net Economics course, what I have realized is, the questions which are asked are not very difficult, but those can be easily missed while reading, say, who has developed this and that theory, when he has developed etc, these minute details, we tend to ignore and those are the very questions which are frequently asked in that paper. I will write a detail post about the same, sometime in future.
I will divide each syllabus in doable parts, for example Macroeconomics course is divided in three sub-courses; Introductory Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics I and Macroeconomics II. Once these courses are done then we will map each course with the official syllabus given to us. In other words, taking the top down approach of the syllabus, we will take the bottom-up approach, that is done with the intention of leaving out any ambiguities in the syllabus.
    • Only IAS Economics Optional Course : Rs 38,000
    • Only Indian Economic Services Course : Rs 38,000
    • RBI Grade B, DEPR : Rs 38,000
    • IES + RBI Grade B, DEPR (Combined Package) : Rs 45,000
    Only Test Series (IAS or IES) :
    • a) Those who are enrolled in online course Rs 10,000 ( 12 Tests)
    • b) Those who are not enrolled in the online course Rs 12,000 (12 tests)

You will be given an online platform where all these courses will be uploaded and its access will be for one year, from the date of purchase. These classes will be in the form of recordings, as you have seen in the demo

  • Whether you should buy an online course?

May be or may be not. It depends, how you look at it. You can take my words for it, that we will do the complete course (infact more) and in time. Online version gives independence to both of us. As far as, doubts are concerned, there is a forum on the site, which gives you an ample opportunity to discuss your concerns. Anyhow, you can always talk to me, if you have any query

  • How can I see the demo?

We have provided some small snippets of our lectures, you can view them at

  • How will you help me in answer writing practice?

When you buy test series, then those tests will be checked and returned with comments. This will help you to keep track of your course as well as answer writing practice.

  • Which all papers will you cover in IAS, IES and UGC-Net?

I will tell you, what I will not cover. In IES exam, General studies and English paper will not be covered and in UGC Net Economics paper, Teaching Aptitude paper will not be covered. Apart from that, entire syllabus of IAS Economics Mains, IES and UGC-Net Economics will be covered.

More specifically,

IAS Economics Mains

Entire syllabus of Paper 1 and Paper 2

IES (Indian Economic Services)

Paper 1, 2 , 3 and 4

UGC Net Economics

Paper 2 and 3

  • What reference are you using of these lectures?

We will be telling before each lecture, which reference is used

  • How will my doubts be cleared?

There is a forum on the website, you have to give us a day to answer your query. But there is a way to ask a doubt, whenever you ask a doubt, always tell, how much you are able to understand and what is your view and thinking about it, then we will tell, what is the correct approach to look at the problem

  • How will I be getting the study material?

We will give you an access to our online platform, and you will be getting your material, primarily in the form of recordings. We will be recording each topic and will upload on the platform.

  • Can I save or download these recordings?

No, you will not be able to save or download them. You can only view them for the time access has been provided to you.

  • You are providing an online course, don’t you think that an online course is inferior to a classroom course?

I will not say inferior but it is the second best. You have to understand this very clearly, that there is no perfect substitute for a classroom course. If you can find a good teacher, who can teach you in a class, can complete the syllabus in a sufficient depth and does not just superficially touch the topics and haphazardly complete the course, you should join him in all cases. But, if you don’t find him, then you can come to me

  • What are the other advantages of online course?

You are free of hassle of coming to classes. You can move at your own pace. You can get the same quality teaching irrespective of your location.

  • Can I append you course with my existing coaching?

Yes, by all means. Even though our course is self sufficient, if you still want to be taught by more than one teacher about the same topic, that is your wish.

  • Will I be getting any printed notes?

No. You will be getting the entire material in the form of recordings and you have to make notes of them. You will also be told references for each topic, which you have to read alongside the recording. Ultimately, its your paper, you should be writing as much as possible and your note taking skills should be A-class, which will develop only when you listen to the lecture, read the reference and then take notes.

  • If you will tell me all references, I may not need any coaching, is that true?

Go back to your college days, you were told which books you have to follow, but still you need classes in order to understand them, same holds true here also. Many of you would also know the subject very well, some of you might be a post grad in economics, but you will not have a time and discipline to assimilate the entire material in one place and do it systematically, there coaching might help.

However, if you still think, only references will suffice your need, I will give all references to you and you should start preparing on your own. If at anytime, while in the course of your self preparation, you believe that you need my help, you can always call me up.

  • Will you start an offline / classroom course anytime soon?

I have not thought about it yet. At least, not anytime soon.Will inform you, once that is started.

  • You have covered some topics in IAS course, which is not specifically given in the syllabus?

Yes, that’s true. You have to be little wider in your approach. If you look at the past years papers, they have asked questions from the topics not mentioned in the syllabus. For example, there is no mention of compensated demand functions or no mention of demographic change but they have asked it. But these topics can be prepared within the wider set of topics they have mentioned. So, I have covered some of these topics too, what I believe any serious aspirants should know.

  • For how long I will have an access to the course?

For 365 days from the date of payment.

  • How can coaching help me?

I am glad to answer this question. Coaching means, that your preparation will pick up pace. It means, that what you would have covered by yourself in a year, may be you can do that in five months. It means that your entire syllabus will be covered. It means that your doubts will be solved. It means that past years papers will be discussed. It means that standard books will be taught. It means that you will learn ‘a lot’ (emphasis added) But all of this will be possible only if you are willing to work.
I can assure you certain things:

  • Your entire course will be covered in depth and not just superficially
  • You will be taught from standard books at par with Delhi University
  • Discussion of past years papers
  • Solving your doubts
  • I want to enroll in your course, what should I do?

After seeing the demo, if you want to enroll finally, you can give a mail to me at as your final acceptance, we will give you payment options and you can access the course for one year from the date of payment.

  • Any other query or to finally register for the course

You can contact me at

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