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Basic Videos (Demo)

I have been revamping the course for a little while, but, this is an ongoing and never ending process, as no course is perfect, and every course gets a little better, in every cycle. This year, I have recreated many lectures, few of them are uploaded as a demo for you. I get questions like, what is the duration of these videos, it depends, as you could yourself see in these demo videos, several of them are lengthy and some are small ones. If I am just discussing a question in a video, then it is ought to be small, while if a complete topic is being discussed, then it is a lengthy one.

Some other general questions I get, is do we have to read books, or are these videos sufficient. The answer is yes, and a resounding yes, you ‘have to’ read a book also, these videos are in no way substitute for a reading. This course or any other course, you take up, will help you to understand  the book, they should complement a book and not substitute it. Also, there is nothing like sufficient, there is no dearth of resources which you can read, but you yourself have to be put some limit, upon the amount of reading which you have to do, otherwise that will be quite overwhelming for you. The best advice I can give is, make notes of every word of syllabus, at least 4-5 pages. I also have been following the same strategy in my course, but again this gets better in every cycle.

I have made few basic videos for courses like Intermediate Microeconomics 1 and 2; International Trade; Econometrics; few miscellaneous videos for IES and IAS past year questions.