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Basic Concept Videos

These are a new set of basic videos. These are helpful for your Intermediate Microeconomic Theory Course. This course is taught at Delhi University in two semesters. In semester 3, Intermediate Microeconomics I and in Semester 4, Intermediate Microeconomics II.

We have also added few videos on Introductory Econometrics, taught in semester 4 of Delhi University, Economics H. We will be adding more as we move on.

If you read Varian, Intermediate Microeconomics, along side these videos, all your basics will be cleared. We have also mentioned Chapter numbers along side, using them, read the text alongside. Similarly, for Econometrics Course, please read Gujarati side by side, along with these videos. We hope they will be helpful to you, whether you are preparing for Semester Exams, MA Economics Entrance, UGC NET Economics or Indian Economic Services.

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I

  • ◉ These are the basic videos in Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I . This is taught at Delhi University, Semester III
  • ◉ If you are from Delhi University, Economics H, then this is the complete syllabus that you have to follow. Readings which are followed are
  • ◉ Hal Varian, Intermediate Microeconomics
  • ◉ Nicholson and Snyder, Fundamentals of Microeconomics
  • ◉ In Delhi University, in semester III, they teach
  • ◉ Consumer Theory
  • ◉ Production and Cost Theory
  • ◉ Perfect Competition (Market Structures) [ This topic I have kept in my videos in Microeconomics II, so if you are preparing for semester III, then you will have to follow Perfect Competition videos from there] 
  • ◉ If you are from Non Economics Background or from Economics background but some other texts are used in your university, you can learn from these videos, concepts still remain same, whichever text is used
  • ◉ These videos are arranged in the order in which they should be done. Pick up your pen and register, and start writing them out. Nothing is difficult, anything could be learned, put your effort in this and start making notes. 

If these videos are in anyway helpful to you, if they have helped you in any exam, whether Semester, or any other public exam, please drop us a mail


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